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Artist Bio:
Mike Notar
Located: Brooklyn, New York
Website: Notarforpresident.com

NOTAR defies the standard categories imposed by the music industry. The New Haven, Connecticut native is an accomplished MC with rich lyrical ability and a commanding stage presence, as well as a formally trained jazz trumpeter. That’s a rare find.

But found he was. Adam Duritz of Counting Crows and principal of
Tyrannosaurus Records, was drawn in by NOTAR’s subtle word-smithing and complex imagery - the driving beat and dead-on hooks made the music impossible to forget. Their meeting sparked a collaboration that joined the newcomer with The Devil and The Bunny Show (production team of Adam Duritz and David “Immy” Immerglück) to create a set of compelling, powerful, demos that showcased NOTAR’s hard-hitting lyrics and skills.

According to NOTAR, “I have always known Adam was an extremely talented musician, but when I met him I knew immediately that I could learn a lot from him. He's been me. He knows what I need to do to bring my career to the next level. I plan on taking this thing straight to the top and T-Recs is the label I'm riding with."

From the get-go, NOTAR was brought up surrounded by music. His childhood got off to a rough start with his biological mother abandoning him when he was just 3 years old. Despite his mother’s departure and his father’s untimely death in 1991, NOTAR has always been able to look to music as a driving force in his life. His sister was groomed as a concert pianist and his father was jazz trumpet player Michael Notarfranceso, who was a fixture on the east coast jazz scene. After he passed away, NOTAR, with trumpet in hand, headed for University of Dayton, Ohio on a music scholarship.

As a fan of Golden Age era hip-hop and grimy mid-90s east coast rap, NOTAR began experimenting with the kind of rhyming schemes, catchy hooks and imagery that define his music today. He cut his chops at any venue that would have him, from rhyming in the streets to house parties and weekly battles at the iconic Night Owl bar.

Eventually, NOTAR formed an experimental 7-piece band, Duck Sauce that had its share of success touring through college towns in the Midwest.

After college, NOTAR made his way back to New York City where he paid his dues by day working at Octane Records, and honed his craft by night performing at showcases, open mics, and wherever else he was given the opportunity. His performances at such renowned NYC haunts as The Knitting Factory, Bowery Ballroom & CBGB's caught the ear of music insiders and he scored a single deal at Ultra Records.

The resulting "Intoxicated" was a bubbly, hip-hop dance floor starter that won praise overseas from European and Japanese DJ’s. The B-side,"Buckfooly" was the real gem, defining NOTAR’s lyrically animalistic approach with a touch of nihilism, womanizing and rock star partying.

NOTAR’s newfound success continued in his work with The Formula Project. The result was two tracks, "The Choice" and “White Line Fever,” that were licensed by ESPN2 for use during NHRA drag racing broadcasts. The infectious melodies and hypnotic lyrics produced an avalanche of calls and emails to ESPN about the song and its artist.

Currently at work on his debut album, “Devils Playground,” NOTAR has made Jacksonville, Florida his home away from home, while recording with hip-hop producing great MGeezy (who also recently produced Young Cash - debut record out on SRC/Universal Records in October). “MGeezy is the best producer I have ever worked with. Him as well as my whole Jacksonville Family, are God sends. He has my back 100% and knows I have his. Mgeezy + Notar = magic!” says the artist. The collaboration has been powerful, and the rock/hip-hop understanding makes the team unparalleled.

With the backing of Adam Duritz and MGeezy, NOTAR is ready to
take the music industry by storm. His lyrics beyond compare, his good looks and charisma unrivaled, and the captivating beats will no doubt take this New York MC straight to the top. NOTAR's time has come. And it is now. His debut album coming soon on T-Recs.


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