Welcome to “Down the Rabbit Hole-Adam’s pick’s (and other assorted crap)”, my weekly (to be honest, I have no idea how often I’m going to write this so don’t believe that “weekly” bullshit for a minute) picks and recommendations webzine. I decided that a lot of what I wrote in my slightly irregular Online Diary was talking about records I liked and movies I’d seen (in between the occasional foray into my deep and abiding hatred of fruit sushi and the very real threat posed by large and possibly man-eating seagulls-no one believes me but it’s true) so I decided to just start my own little webzine and talk about cool stuff.This way, my regular diary can be a little more about my life in general and here in The Rabbit Hole, I can talk a little more about music and movies and books and all that stuff that I really enjoy writing about, as well as looking for places that have weird collectable Counting Crows stuff we don’t sell on our website that YOU might enjoy.

I figured, being a huge geek, maybe I know some places you don’t know about or some movies you’ve never seen or some book you haven’t read or some record your local radio station isn’t going to play that I think you might really love. I’m also going to provide links this time so that if something here DOES interest you, they’ll take you right to someplace you can find it. That way you don’t have to go searching for it because some (not all) of these things might be a little obscure.

Anyway, that’s all I got…so…um…Shit, now I don’t know what to say…Uhhh…I guess…stay tuned for Issue #1?


(I would save this post if I were you. It’s so fucking stupid it may actually be worth something someday)